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Meetings Reports

List of the meeting reports of the previous GFP Annual Meetings

The Global Flood Partnership Annual Meetings


Global Flood Partnership Conference

11 - 13 June

Guangzhou, China


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The full report will be available soon



Bridging the gap between science and users

25 - 27 June

Delft, the Netherlands


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GFP 2018


From hazards to impacts

27 – 29 June

University of Alabama, U.S.A


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GFP 2017


Linking global flood information with local needs

29 June – 1 July

Ispra, Italy

GFP 2016



4 - 6 May

Boulder, Colorado, US

GFP 2015


Posters & slides

Generic GFP posters and slides explaining the main goals of the GFP




If you want to have the editable versions please contact the GFP Steering Committee.


A collection of publications resulting from collaborations among GFP partner institutes

De Groeve, T., Thielen-Del Pozo, J., Brakenridgdge, R., Adler, R., Alfieri, L., Kull, D., Lindsay, F., Imperiali, O., Papppenberger, F., Rudari, R., Salamon, P., Villars, N. and Wyjad, K.: Joining forces in a global flood partnership, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 96(5), ES97-ES100, doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-14-00147.1, 2015.

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Ward, P.J., Jongman, B., Salamon, P., Simpson, A., Bates, P., Groeve, T. D., Muis, S., Perez, E. C. de, Rudari, R., Trigg, M. A. and Winsemius, H. C.: Usefulness and limitations of global flood risk models, Nature Climate Change, 5(8), 712–715, doi:10.1038/nclimate2742, 2015.

Alfieri, L., Cohen, S., Galantowicz, J., Schumann, G. J.-P., Trigg, M. A., Zsoter, E., Prudhomme, C., Kruczkiewicz, A., Coughlan de Perez, E., Flamig, Z., Rudari, R., Wu, H., Adler, R. F., Brakenridge, R. G., Kettner, A., Weerts, A., Matgen, P., Islam, S. A. K. M., de Groeve, T. and Salamon, P.: A global network for operational flood risk reduction, Environ. Sci. Policy, 84, 149–158, doi:10.1016/j.envsci.2018.03.014, 2018.


Join us in the defining, shaping, structuring and launch of the Global Flood Partnership