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Global Flood Observatory

Welcome to the prototype of the Global Flood Observatory. As agreed in the kick-off meeting of the Global Flood Partnership, participating organisations will pool expert flood monitoring and forecasting resources into a collective, collaborative platform to provide near real-time flood information. The system aims at expanding the current methodology of the Dartmouth Flood Observatory, maintaining the same procedures and quality assurance, but sharing the work over interested agencies. The observatory provides for each flood: a unique identifier, a detailed location including polygon, context information and impact information.

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Development phase: May-June 2015
Training and prototype phase: July-August 2015
Operational phase: starting in fall 2015


Floods impact over half a billion people every year worldwide, a number that might increase to two billion by 2050. In general, one third of humanitarian aid goes to flood related disasters. In recent years, much progress has been made in monitoring floods using satellite remote sensing and meteorological and hydrological modelling. Yet, a global flood monitoring & modelling system able to forecast, measure, map and monitor floods for rapid estimation or forecasting of the potential humanitarian and/or economic impact does not yet exist.

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