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GFP 2019 Presentations

Global Flood Partnership 2019 Conference – 11 - 13 June 2019
Guangzhou (China)

day 1

presentations presenters  
Flood Forecasting Initiative G. Shalev download pdf (2,2M)
Multi-temporal Sentinel-1 coherence to detect floodwater in urban areas P. Matgen, M. Chini, R. Pelich, L. Pulvirenti, N. Pierdicca, R. Hostache download pdf (6,9M)
The application of high resolution satellite derived soil moisture for flood prediction and estimation  R. Rudari, J. Beckers, P. Matgen download pdf (4,8M)
Global Flood Analysis and Forecasts Using Satellite Rainfall Coupled with Land Surface and Routing Models R. Adler, G. Gu, N. Zhou, H. Wu download pdf (10,7M)
Bridging Science with Governance through the UN-SPIDER for flood risk management and preparing for flood emergency response S. Ravan download pdf (4M)
Projection of precipitation changes over global monsoon regions Zhou Tianjun, Zhang Wenxia download pdf (6,4M)
The use and evaluation of GloFAS for operational flood forecasting  S. Harrigan, E. Zsoter, L. Alfieri, C. Prudhomme, H. Cloke, P. Salamon, E. Stephens,  F. Pappenberger download pdf (4,5M)
Hydrological Ensemble Prediction – A New Paradigm in Hydrological Forecasting Qingyun Duan download pdf (3,6M)
Flood-induced mortality across the globe: Spatiotemporal pattern and influencing factors Qiang Zhang, Pan Hu download pdf (4M)
Ignite Talks    
What is the African Risk Capacity (ARC) ? J. Vermeulen download pdf (2,4M)
The Suitability of the TanDEM-X 90 DEM for flood models L. Hawker, J. Neal, P. Bates download pdf (2,7M)
GloFAS in Madeira River Crisis Room M. A. E. de Moraes download pdf (5,4M)
Coastal water resources vulnerability to storm surge inundation Xuan Yu download pdf (1,3M)
Flood Mapping Using Time Series Sentinel-1 Data with A Bayesian Probability Analysis Khuong Tran download pdf (2,2M)
Real-time monitoring and flood outlook for reduced flood risks in the Ganges Brahmaputra basin Mandira Singh Shrestha download pdf (2,2M)
A Multi-Sourced Flood Inventory in Contiguous United States During TRMM Era Zhijun Huang, Huan Wu download pdf (1,8M)
Global Flood Modeling: 7 Challenges Huan Wu download pdf (7M)


day 2

presentations presenters  
Recent advances in topography data & hydrodynamic model for precise global flood simulation Dai Yamazaki download pdf (7,2M)
Some thoughts on the evolution of global flood forecasting Dennis P. Lettenmaier download pdf (1,3M)
Global Change of Hydrology and Flood Risk in a Changing Environment Qiuhong Tang download pdf (3,9M)
A Near-Real-Time Flood Mapping Chain using Synthetic Aperture Radar Imageries Q. Yang, X. Shen, E. Anagnostou, Xi Chen, A. Kettner, R. Brakenridge, J. Eggleston download pdf (7M)
Flood Forecast Information to Support Rapid Humanitarian Response: Cyclone Idai & Kenneth L. Hawker download pdf (4,1M)
Evaluation of routed-runoff from land surface models and reanalyses using observed streamflow in China river basins Aihui Wang, Yue Miao download pdf (3,6M)
Urban pluvial flood modelling Li Min download pdf (2,7M)
River size representation in global flood models: a geospatial investigation M. Bernhofen download pdf (4,7M)
The road towards GloFAS 3.0 L. Alfieri, F. Dottori, R. Emerton, S. Harrigan, F. Aga Hirpa, C. Lavaysse, V. Lorini, C. Prudhomme, E. Zsoter, P. Salamon download pdf (4,7M)

day 3

presentations presenters  
What flood event map accuracy is required to enable governments, aid agencies, and insurance companies to protect vulnerable lives and livelihoods? Beth Tellman download pdf (7,2M)
Progress of Flood Monitoring & Assessment by Remote Sensing in China Li Jiren download pdf (6,7M)
Integrating Global EO and Modeling Systems to support Disaster Relief Agencies A. Kettner, R. Brakenridge, G. Schumann, B. Adler, F. Policelli, D. Slayback, P. Matgen, M. Souffront  download pdf (5,9M)
The automatic extraction of flood protection parameters for global river models Yoshiaki Tanaka, Dai Yamazaki download pdf (2M)
A Few Points on Facing the Flooding Risk Analysis and Flood Management Qian-ming Lu download pdf (6,5M)
Mitigating the Increasing Risks of Urban Flooding in Central Shanghai: Options and Analysis Zhan Tian, Hengzhi Hu, Laixiang Sun, Jiahong Wen Dong Guangtao, Qinghua Ye, Steven Poper, Robert Lempert download pdf (2,3M)
New levee breaching sub-routine of LISFLOOD-FP Model I. Shustikova, J. Neal, A. Domeneghetti, P. Bates, A. Castellarin download pdf (1,8M)


Join us in the defining, shaping, structuring and launch of the Global Flood Partnership